Distillation to synthesize triglycerides with short fatty acids

When the S.A.S.U. Guérin came with its project, it was a real challenge that was proposed to Lefrant Rubco: to put its distillation facilities back into service to carry out the synthesis of triglycerides with short fatty acids. In addition to a real technical challenge on the material side, the target product is a new natural proposal to control salmonella and campylobacter in poultry and pig production. It therefore aims to offer an alternative to the use of antibiotics in animal feed, an alternative on an important public health subject to which Lefrant Rubco is always sensitive.

It was with the precious support of Jean-Guy Notelteers, an expert in distillation, and a long preparatory work, that the installation was able to be adapted and validated, allowing the reaction to be launched in complete safety. A first time, in full heating capacity during a very fast, and even too fast, distillation and a second time, by controlling it, thus giving time for the reaction to take place and for the product to reach the expected quality.

As the ultimate reward for this close collaboration and teamwork, the results of the lengthy end-customer tests were conclusive and a new order was placed.