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It is in its desire to support the needs of its customers that Lefrant Rubco began to offer its services in the field of chemical toll manufacturing, whether it is liquid chemistry or powder chemistry, wishing to give priority to projects in bio-based chemistry and green chemistry in general. Its wide range of fixed and peripheral equipment (listed below depending on the sector concerned) offers vast possibilities, whether for one-shot, large campaigns, or recurring productions throughout the year. It is therefore possible to carry out production on site by handling jerrycans, bags, drums, big bags, IBCs or directly bulk liquids. The packaging and repackaging being possible in these same packaging.

It should be noted that the company, although it has authorizations for the handling of many substances, can’t process products needing to meet cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food standards.

8,000 m2 of covered area


Lefrant Rubco has 8,000 m2 of covered area. With its fleet of 28 overhead tanks and 3 storage buildings, including 3,500 m2 on retention, it offers its customers the possibility of providing a buffer storage to ease their logistics and can also offer its packaging with 22 references available in jerrycans, drums, and IBCs, UN or not. Truck weighing can be done on its weighbridge. Bonded products are not managed on the site. The heating on the installations is carried out with water vapor at 4.5 bar pressure. Cooling is carried out with water at room temperature. When the equipment allows it, the vacuum can be pushed up to 900 millibars of pressure. With its own generators, the company is able to produce softened water, demineralized water and nitrogen on site. La chauffe sur les installations est réalisée avec de la vapeur d’eau à 4.5 bars de pression. Le refroidissement est quant à lui réalisé avec de l’eau à température ambiante. Lorsque l’équipement le permet, le vide peut être poussé jusqu’à 900 millibars de pression. Disposant de ses propres générateurs, la société est capable de produire sur place eau adoucie, eau déminéralisée, et azote.
oUR produCts

Liquid chemistry

The plant is equipped with 2 small reactors of 50 and 200 L, 18 stainless steel reactors from 3 to 50 m3 and 2 enamel reactors of 3 and 10 m3, some of which can be heated, cooled, or put under vacuum. Agitation systems and agitation speed ranges are different from reactor to reactor, which can meet varying custom chemistry needs. Thus, one can find on site agitations of the pale, impeller, marine propeller type, on one or more stages, with or without a counter-blade, ranging from 25 to 100 revolutions per minute for some. Fats and pastes, however, cannot be processed on site.

A large number of operations can be carried out on the installations in place: mixing, dissolution, chemical synthesis (hydrolysis, esterification, polymerization), emulsification, filtration, flash distillation, drying, reconditioning of liquids directly from a tank or packaging, reconditioning of liquids via the automated line. It is equipped to handle jerrycans, drums, iBCs and bulk. Any new project can be studied, including a need to acquire new material.


Semi-automatic filling line and automatic palletizing

To make IBCs, barrels, jerrycans, cans and buckets from our tanks or your bulk truck

High speed high shear in-line mixer

High speed high shear batch mixer

haut cisaillement
high speed high shear batch mixer

Powder introduction screw

Filter press

Vis d'introduction de poudres​

Filter-press Choquenet

filtre presse

Bag filter

filtre poche

Mixer for IBC and drum

50 liters reactor

mélangeur IBC
Réacteur 50L

200 liters reactor

Réacteur 200L

Oven - 6 units going up to 170 °C

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The plant is equipped for the mixing of powders with a coulter mixer, two ribbon mixers, a heliglobe, and has the possibility of introducing liquid drop by drop onto the powders. It can perform crumbling and sieving. Its powder workshop is connected to a dust collector in order to limit the generation and propagation of dust. For the reconditioning of powders, it has an automated bagging unit and manual bagging units, with sealers and sewers for the closures. It is equipped to handle bags and big bags. Any new project can be studied, including a need to acquire new material. Equipment sheets:
chimie poudre


Automatic bagging and palletizing line

To pack your open-mouth bags from big bags. With welding and seam.

premier tech
premier tech

Heliglobe mixer

mélangeur heliglobe
heliglobe intérieur

Plowshare mixer – With dosing system

mélangeur à socks
Mélangeur à socs intérieur

Ribbon mixer

mélangeur à ruban
mélangeur à ruban intérieur

Lump breaker

emotteur intérieur

Automatic powder sieving machine


Fours-6 units going up to 170 °C