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Installed on 8 hectares in Muille-Villette, in the North of France, in the heart of the European Union, and at the crossroads of the main roads of Western Europe, Lefrant Rubco was originally specialized in the production and the treatment of vegetable oils in order to produce rubber additives known as factices. She has therefore been in green chemistry since 1898! Over four generations, the company has been able to support the changing needs of its customers and diversify its activities while maintaining its long tradition of seriousness and competence.
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In the 1980s, it thus began to offer its custom work services in the fields of powder chemistry and liquid chemistry, keeping green chemistry and more particularly bio-based chemistry as its guideline. It has facilities allowing it to perform custom chemistry operations such as mixing, chemical transformation, liquid reconditioning, powder reconditioning, ancillary operations such as filtration or sieving, and more. Diversification continued in 2010 when Lefrant Rubco acquired a manufacturing activity of additive for road paints marketed in the form of a dispersant for paints facilitating the mixing of mineral and pigment fillers in an aqueous medium, before developing its own formula for decorative paints.


The strict independence of the company guarantees the utmost confidentiality of data, its desire being to build and maintain a strong partnership based on the trust of its customers


Its multidisciplinary team of around thirty people aims to meet the needs of its customers in terms of product and service quality, responsiveness, flexibility, delivery times, and technical assistance.


Quality Safety and Environment Policy

With a QHSE engineer and a certified ADR advisor permanently on site, and the support of an external security advisor, Lefrant Rubco is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees, its facilities, and your products. Each project is carefully studied, the chemical compatibility of the products validated, and storage ensured on retention when necessary. Each employee is trained and made aware of the risks when they join the team and during the performance of their tasks. The facilities are regularly improved from a safety perspective. Video surveillance and anti-intrusion alarms help secure the site.
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Oriented towards green chemistry, it is also a state of mind and a desire to be part of sustainability. The company is therefore working to reduce the impact of its activity on the natural environment by reducing its energy consumption, limiting the generation of waste, optimizing its management, and promoting the reuse of washing water. It also offers its customers the option of using recycled packaging.


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Strict compliance with the processes and procedures defined with the customer, the checks carried out at each stage of production, the regulatory monitoring of equipment, are all essential points for the success of its projects. The certification of the quality system by an independent body according to the ISO 9001 standard is the official recognition of the company’s ability to meet its commitments. The application of its quality policy ensures the proper functioning of the company and provides its customers with products and services that satisfy them in every way.
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The laboratory

Always concerned with the quality of its services, Lefrant Rubco has an in-house laboratory which allows the quality of its achievements to be directly tested from start to finish. Capable of supporting its clients in their projects by offering development assistance services, the company is also in this context ready to discuss joint investments for the acquisition of equipment. Thanks to the one at its disposal, it is already able to carry out the following measurements and operations: