dispersing agents

The dispersing agents

The dispersing agents manufactured and marketed by Lefrant Rubco are additives which are included in the formulas of aqueous phase paints: AS-238 NF whose formulation is more specially designed for road paints, and Lodispers 30 whose formulation is more suitable for interior decorative water-based paints.
dispersants pour peinture
More specially designed for road paints and for interior decorative water-based paints
peinture industriel

for high performance products

Used in small amounts in formulas, they ensure optimal dispersibility of mineral fillers and pigments when mixing, and improve the properties of water-based paints such as pigment compatibility or coverage. They also help limit surface tension on asphalt. They improve the aging of water-based paints.

Over time, they thus make it possible

  • to improve storage stability by limiting sedimentation and syneresis
  • to increase the stability of viscosities
  • to increase resistance to yellowing
  • to limit loss of gloss
  • to limit variations of drying time