Our factice products

Our factice products

Factice is the only non-extractable ingredient on the market. Moreover, it is rendered indispensable by its excellent compatibility with all elastomers.

The main advantages of using factice in rubber are:
- Introduction of Green Chemistry into rubber
- Improved mixing process: enhanced dispersion of fillers and plasticizers, reduced mixing time
- Energy savings
- Improved processing: calendering, extrusion, moulding
- Improved surface appearance: smooth surface, reduced blooming, reduced migration of oils and additives
Improved ageing properties: dynamic yield strength, rupture strength, ozone resistance for NR, resistance to specific oils for NBR or CR

Our company offers standard range products, classified into three families:
- White
- Amber
- Brown

Our Research and Development team can also work on new formulations in response to particular applications.
For all your requirements in technical information, applications, safety data sheets, technical data sheets, etc, please contact us.

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