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Stainless steel reactor


Chemical manufacturing and transformation


LEFRANT-RUBCO is a service company that has been working for over half a century in the field of toll manufacturing chemistry with a vast subcontracting capacity of over 30 000 tonnes per year.

 Equipped with 20 reactors from 3 to 50m3 in stainless steel, enamel and steel, LEFRANT-RUBCO also has peripheral equipment for oxidation and sulphiting etc. over a vast temperature range and in certain conditions, under vacuum.


We can adapt our equipment depending on the specific requests: 

  Mixing, Diluting, Dissolving powders in a liquid.

  High shear rate mixing, emulsion homogenisation, grinding, solubilising using an in-line Silverson mixer.


  Polymerisation (polycondensation, radical polymerisation, in emulsion, etc.)

  Separation/Drying under 100 mm Hg vacuum.



  Oxidation (vegetable oil).

 • Packaging/Re-packaging in: Jerrycan 22.5L, Barrel 220L, UN-approved container 1000L; bulk.

  Storage at controlled temperature.



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