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Bio-sourced additives for the rubber industry


A bio-sourced ingredient derived mainly from vegetable oils, Factice is very often used as a vital additive to obtain optimal quality rubber compound.

Not only does factice considerably improve the surface appearance of the finished parts during the injection, compression, extrusion and calendaring processes, but it also confers exceptional dimensional stability that cannot be obtained with any other additive family.

It is an irreplaceable ingredient for a large number of applications:

  • Flexible or special profiles
  • Printing rollers: unique ink transfer quality
  • Flexible calendered sheets: high surface strength and quality
  • Seals: increased resistance to solvents

A factice can replace most additives like "processing aids", plasticizers, homogenisers and other protectors against dynamic ageing on wear, and UV, O2 and O3.

In conclusion, for improving performances in surface quality, chemical resistance, ageing, as well as the physical and dynamic strength of NBRs, NRs, SBRs, EPDMs, Butyls and other Polychloroprenes, it is essential that this wide variety of bio-sourced additives, which are unaffected by REACH and non-extractable, are used in these rubber compounds.


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